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Pediatric visit

The pediatric eye examination is very important to make sure that the child’s eyes
and vision are developing normally. It is also important to find any problems, such as lazy eye or cataracts, as early as possible, so it can be treated before any damage is done to the child’s vision.

The ophthalmological examination of children is never a wind traumatic or painful and it is not necessary that the child is cooperative. Instead, It’s essential the help from the parent to reassure the child and make him feel at ease.

The only maneuver performed during the visit that can be annoying is linked to the instillation of drops for the dilation of the pupil; this step, however, is necessary because it allows the evaluation of visual defects hidden and retina. After instillation the child will not be able to focus well, especially closely.

your visit to ophthalmologist

To measure visual acuity in 3-5 years old children , we project on a screen of the “E” of various sizes and small will have to say which side are the tips of the “E”. It would be appropriate before the eye examination that the parent, teach the child to describe the orientation of the points of the “E”, with the hand or with an E of cardboard. This will make this part of the visit easier to perform and more reliable.

Children attended Y1-Y2 may play a matching game with the letters to practice a few days or a week before.